Where’d You Get That!? Finding Crowdfunded Comics after the Project Ends @stashmycomics

Whered You Get That!? Finding Crowdfunded Comics after the Project Ends

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My Crowd Funding StashAs the popularity of crowd funded comic books continues to grow it’s likely you’ve seen someone talk about a comic they received from a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project. Now you’re jealous. That jealousy leads to anger, which then leads you to steal said comic book from your friend. Luckily, I’m hear to rescue you from this or much more dangerous scenarios by giving you the 411 on where to find some cool books you may have missed! Don’t see the book you’ve been looking for here or have a book you’d like to suggest? Let us know in the comments below! Oh yeah, you can give that book back to your friend now.

Pantheon Project #1The Pantheon Project by Erik Taylor

A group of childhood friends are reunited after their once make-believe super powers become real when one of them dies. Issue one of this imaginative series is now available for purchase at Emanata for only one dollar! The art is done by Leila Del Duca, someone I hadn’t heard of before this project, which is suprising given it’s high quality! I backed this book and loved the story, and for a buck there really isn’t an excuse to not check it out!

Flying Fortress Comics by Eric Weathers and Andy Moore

This little gem about WWII, Nazis and zombies was offered as a collected trade for issues 0-4 back in February of this year through a Kickstarter campaign. You can read the individual copies for issues 1-4 for FREE on their website right now! The team is currently working on future issues of the book, so it’s a perfect time to see what it’s all about. If you’d like to buy a physical copy then head on over to their store here.

Sensory Distortion, Warzone and Patriot by Bleeding Ink Productions

Three different series have reached successful funding under the Bleeding Ink Productions banner over the past year. Sensory Distortion and Warzone dabble in the area of “psychologically disturbing” while Patriot is a super hero book with a Fort Hope Posterunique twist. All books are written by Jesse Grillo and can be found for sale in company’s website store here. If you want to see more from Bleeding Ink, they currently have a Kickstarter running for their series Blackwood.

Introducing Fort Hope, Washington by Kodi Sershon

One of my personal favorites was from first time creator, Kodi Sershon. Fort Hope raised the bar a little for crowd funded comics by making it an interactive experience to boot. You’ll find the first issue as well as a sweet looking poster and postcards at his personal shop.

The Power Principle by Alan White

Writer and artist Alan White dreamed of one day having a comic series of his own, and with the help of Kickstarter that dream has come true! Issue 1 and 2 of The Power Principle are both available to order now on his website, which is where future issues will also be for purchase. If you want a freebie, the original Volume Zero pages of the title are available as they looked in 1989 on the same page.

Skin Deep: Exchanges – The Secret Lives of Monster People by Kory Bing

Power Principle #1Kory has created her own little universe that started off as a webcomic. You can get this collection, which she Kickstarted back in September of this year. This 163 page collection includes every page of the comic, story notes, sketches, and the character guide not available anywhere else! Visit the link to see what it’s all about and download your copy!

Twelve Minute Revolution in Just Reading and GDBTIS by Darren Hupke

Writer Darren Hupke is on a hot streak right now with two successful crowd funded projects and another currently active Kickstarter for El Toxico. I personally backed the 12 Minute Revolution and thought it was superb. If you’d like to try the experience then get it for FREE right here. GD Baby This is Soul is $2 cheap and available at Graphicly.

Sullivan’s Sluggers by Mark Andrew Smith James Stokoe

Baseball and horror have been mashed together in one of the most successful comic books to be Kickstarted this year. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark around the time the project launched. He’s had several creator owned hits and I just heard he will be continuing Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors via Kickstarter soon! While you wait for that, you can order the 200 page Sullivan’s Sluggers hard cover book now.

The Mighty Titan by Joe Martino

Martino packs his own experiences through his battle with cancer into a superhero shell with this comic book series. Despite having all the power in the world, the hero in this book finds out his alter-ego has cancer. If you’re interested in a superhero book with heart, then sign up here to get each of the five issues shipped to you as they’re finished.

Well there you have it! If you were looking for that special something for the comic book geek in your life, you now have the tools to buy some books that are truly one of a kind. Again, if you’ve read something great and would like to let us know where to find it, please drop a line in the comment section!

I write Crowd Funding Flash, which comes out every Wednesday right here at StashMyComics.com! Keep up with the latest on spotlighted projects by following me on Twitter @ChipReece!

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