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Feral is the insight of a few months in the life of Hayley Rosa, a girl who has nothing but a bitter will to fight. Upon drifting to a new city to scrape a living hustling with her fists, she is beaten for the first time by the highly skilled Dr Brandt, a loss that came with personal consequence. It was a new and humiliating experience for her, something that she couldn’t shake off and leave alone.

Upon learning that Brandt is the top tier of a prestigious fighting circuit based in the city, she joins up to prove herself and take the doctor down by beating him at his own game. Between them stand a set of brutally proficient and sometimes sadistic fighters from all over the world who test Hayley to the very brink of her ability.

Among the battles however, she neglects the demons rising up inside her with every fight, chewing at her morals and sanity, fueled by a past she cannot let go…

This comic is a little something I’ve had in the pipeline for the longest time. It’s been revised and thought out to completion, but if a metaphor is needed, it’s like a fully re-fuelled and completely booked flight heading for Babylon. It’s ready to fly, but is yet to take off due to there being an elephant on the runway or something.

Basically, I’m ready to move that elephant. All I need is funding and time. What I’m creating is almost a ‘pilot’, the first few chapters, introducing the main characters, a barrage of fisticuffs and ass kicking and generally making it an awesome intro to what I hope to be a complete series and the best first comic project I could hope to achieve.

While I’ve extensively worked on commissions all this time, I’ve always had to push aside the project to work and feed myself. I want to go the next step and create something personal and awesome.

What this means for you is you’ll be treated to an orgasmic array of Hayley dropping it hotter than Scott Adkins, as well as a funky fresh twist on your usual furry affair. Of course, contribution will not go unrewarded, as I have prepared a plethora of related goodies to say thankyou.

I hope to get this project started and finished in time for some of the other Aussie comic-cons, so I can throw it out and spread the word. The more hype this gets, the better and more awesome the final, complete story will be (not to mention quicker too). My idea is to get funding and start it in the new year (2013), spend two months drawing it up and a few weeks touch up and printing. Your contributions will mean that you will make sure I have the needed tools and supplies, and that I work on the project (AND NOTHING ELSE) to complete the first few chapters.

Even if you’re just spreading the word, you have my utmost grattitude. Thank you all!


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