Car insurance company drops customer over his skateboarding habits


Pat Harland, dropped by his auto insurance company for skateboarding without a helmet in Halifax, Nova Scotia (© CBC News)

Car insurance company drops customer over his skateboarding habits

2 days ago

There’s a famous bumper sticker that says “Skateboarding is not a crime,” but it CAN cancel your car insurance. When Nova Scotian skateboarder Pat Harland heard from his insurance company on Thursday, he expected it to be good news, because he’d gone five years without a claim. Instead, TD Insurance Meloche Monnex said it was dropping Harland’s coverage because he’d been busted for boarding without a helmet. He had been ticketed twice for helmetless shredding and once for driving without a seat belt, violations that counted against his insurance rating. He apparently won’t be covering his noggin for a new insurance carrier, either. “I don’t think that’s anything for somebody to tell me that I have to do,” he says. [Source]