Snowboarding for the 99%- PHNX Boards #Kickstarter

A RETRO snowboard with a REVOLUTIONARY binding


Shred ANYWHERE with PHNX Boards!

Snowboarding is AWESOME, so why do it on only 1% of the available terrain? Why confine your boarding to resorts? How about a snowboard designed specifically for the 99% of snowy terrain behind your home, in the backyards, back hills, and back woods all over America? The 99% of unclaimed fresh and free snow just waiting for you!

Tommy G...aka AirPHorce 1Tommy G…aka AirPHorce 1

Sure, you can use your resort gear out back, but that stuff is too big, too heavy, and too cumbersome for easy, spontaneous boarding. Plus it costs a lot so you wouldn’t want to ruin it in the woods. Wouldn’t it be cool if there wasa tough but inexpensive board you could buy that doesn’t require any other equipment, no special boots, special bindings, strapping in and strapping out? A narrower and shorter board that you could shred smaller hills and woods with? A board you could just grab, hop on with any winter boots, hike up a hill with your friends, and start boarding with? With a binding that kept you attached but not bound, so you could stay in control and take jumps but walk off at the end of a run?

Introducing PHNX Boards, a snowboard designed specifically for the 99% of terrain beyond resorts and 100% of people who love to ride…as much as they can!

PHNX Boards are named after the ancient Phoenix, the mythical bird rising from the ashes of its predecessor. In this case the “ashes” are from the Snurfer, the original snowboard invented in Michigan in the 1960’s that developed into the modern sport of resort snowboarding. PHNX Boards combines the RETRO simplicity of Snurfing with a REVOLUTIONARYbinding/brake system, creating aRETRO-VOLUTIONARY snowboard.

Look how easy it is to ride a PHNX Board:

The super portable, patentedBoard-2-Ski Base ™ and the patent-pendingRip-Cord Binding/Brake System ™ hold you onto the board without special boots, but releases when you step off the board or if you fall, and stops the board from travelling on its own. Whether going straight, turning, or jumping, the PHNX Boards system keeps you on the board and in control.

Step on, start riding, and step off; what could be easier or more fun?

No other binding in the world lets you do this!

The secret to the binding/brake system is the rip-cord. By using a rider-activated cord, and channeling the energy from the front to the back of the board, we unleashed the power and control of the rider to activate the binding/brake. In addition, the systemonly needs to bind your rear foot; your front foot simply steps on the cord to lock your rear foot in. The force of your front foot pushing down is countered by the force of the rider pulling the cord, with the rear foot providing a stabilizing force. That’s how you stay on the board over jumps!

Also, since the system is spring-hinged, it snaps back when the cord is released. You are released from the binding, the brake is activated, and the board comes to a stop. How cool is that?

We believe PHNX Boards has the potential to spark a renaissance in backyard, backwoods boarding…and maybe some day within resorts. Our board is not designed to replace standard snowboards: it simply gives ALL riders a new, inexpensive, and fun way to take advantage of boarding wherever and whenever there is snow.

Why Kickstarter?

We are really excited to introduce our boards to the marketplace for the first time, and have chosen the Kickstarter community to do it.Kickstarters are creative, adventuresome people excited to discover new concepts and support entrepreneurs. With product development right up to December, and our second patent patent filed in January, we have been scrambling to launch our campaign. In order to reward early adopters in time to get our boards on the snow, we’ve made our campaign only 10 days longand are offering the boards at a tremendous discount –with FREE Continental U.S. shipping–. Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first to try our cool boards!

Kickstarter backers will help us recoup some of the many thousands of dollars spent so far in board prototyping, testing, engineering, web design, legal costs, and production of the first edition boards. Backers will also be funding the second edition boards and motivating us to further develop the concept, as our goal is to prepare for much wider distribution next winter. For this campaign, we have 12 original first edition boards ready to ship immediately after funding, 35 second edition boards that will ship soon after funding, and as manythird edition boards as may be needed to ship after those.

REWARDS (7 Rewards)

NOTE: All Rewards include Free Continental US shipping, ground service via USPS or UPS. Upgrades may be available on request, extra cost.

$245 REWARD: For $245 backers, we are offering a FIRST, LIMITED EDITION GENUINE PHNX Board, laminated and hand-crafted in the USA. These are the first boards created from our prototype board to be market-ready. There were only 15 boards created in this edition, and these boards will have serial numbers 1 to 12, assigned randomly following funding to the 12 backers who support this reward (we will video this selection and post as an update to assure fairness). Hey, if our business fails you will still have an awesome board, but if PHNX Boards succeeds the way we think it can, you could have a board worth thousands just because you were nice enough to back our project! These 12 boards will ship immediately upon funding. (clarification: the rewards list on the right cannot be edited after going live, but says the 1st edition is 12 boards. It is 15 boards, with the first 12 offered here, #13 offered on ebay, and #14 and #15 held by PHNX Boards)

$145 REWARD: For $145 backers, we are offering a SECOND EDITION genuine PHNX Board, also with randomly assigned serial numbers. These boards are in the laminating stage and will be completed soon after funding, hopefully in time for some late winter / early spring boarding (end of March, early April). These boards have all the same features, materials and finish as the first edition, just some slight design modifications (mostly some rounding of corners). We may get these done sooner, but we would rather be cautiously optimistic.

$125 REWARD: For $125 backers, we are offering a THIRD EDITION genuine PHNX Board; same specs as the second edition boards, but produced afterwards, shipping in April or May, latest. Also with serial numbers, sequentially assigned as backed. With free shipping costing us up to $25 for these over-sized packages, you are getting a PHNX Board for about $100. For the cost of a single nice dinner out, you could have years of snowboarding fun.

$75 REWARD: For $75 backers, we are offering a super versatile, super tough adventure backpack / laptop bag with embroidered logos and tons of features.

$45 REWARD: For $45 backers, we are offering a durable, zippered and padded PHNX Boards carry bag. NOTE: If you are backing a board, just add this amount and we’ll include the bag.

$22 REWARD: For $22 backers, we are offering our bold-print 100% cotton short sleeve T-shirt. (note, back of shirt has a smaller, one color version of the logo up by the neck):

$6 REWARD: For $6 backers, we are offering a 3-pack of cool PHNX Boards stickers:

There you have it! Lots ofcool PHNX Boards stuff and a really cool PHNX Board that will last for years without added costs to enjoy! Even if you miss the winter snow, you will have cool stuff and an awesome board ready to rip next winter, …or you will have done your holiday shopping early!

Finally, all backers can also feel good about the eco-spirit of PHNX Boards, using less energy to manufacture, renewable wood as a base, less energy travelling, less energy on lifts…and MORE of your energy enjoying the outdoors and getting healthy. With PHNX Boards you truly “Earn Your Turns!”

Our biggest hope is for adventuresome Kickstarter backers who just love to sled, ski and snowboard to Hop on Board and “Join the RETROVOLUTION”, and help us develop this new way to ride! We have priced these first boards to sell out fast, and we are creating a special Kickstarter section on our website to feature the photos and videos of our supporters.

Thank you for supporting PHNX Boards!

PB, PHrosty, Steve, and Hugo!PB, PHrosty, Steve, and Hugo!

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

PHNX Boards have been snow-tested over two seasons in all sorts of snow conditions with all ages and weights of riders. The boards are patented, and patent-pending. The 12 first edition boards will be ready to ship, and the 35 second run boards are in production and expected to ship soon after funding. The third run boards will be ordered after funding. Unforeseen delays in production or shipping of the second (and third if funded) run base blanks could delay those boards. We will update backers as we go along.

Other risks are copyright and patent infringement. PHNX Boards Board-2-Ski shape US patent D649212S and Rip-Cord binding/Brake System patent pending. PHyrwood, PHyrclops, Retrovolutionary, Snowboarding for the 99%, Join the Retrovolution, logos, trademarks, and content, Copyright (c) 2013 PHNX Boards, division of Top Ten Promos, LLC, 74 Main Street, Suite 202, Maynard, MA 01754.

Credits: Adam Geiger for videos and phnxboards web development . Rex Provost and Martin Narciso for original video clips (see more at Stef Steltzer, Tommy G, Adam G, PB, PHrosty, and Hugo for video appearances. And, lots of other friends and family for supporting the kid who refuses to grow up. đŸ™‚