Tat Patch: The tattoo for your jeans! #kickstarter #fashion #design

Tat Patch: The tattoo for your jeans!


Tat Patch is a comfy, stylish fabric “tattoo” that peeks through your ripped jeans. The hole looks cool…Tat Patch makes it cooler!

We’ve created a line of easy-to-apply patches that breathe new life into your holey jeans! Our designs are printed on comfortable, flexible sweatshirt fabric. We call Tat Patch “The Tattoo for your jeans” because we can print just about any high resolution design and you can put the Tat Patch wherever you want – just like a tattoo.

At the moment we have about 40 designs…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We are actively searching for cool designs – if you’ve got some ideas, we’d like to see them! (We are adding new patterns, artist-created patches and limited editions monthly!)

Kids love them. Teens think they’re cool. Adults think they’re practical. Hey, we’re not going to be picky…anyone can wear a Tat Patch.

This Tat Patch was designed by Adam Turman, an internationally-recognized poster artist from the Minneapolis area. Check out his fantastic poster art at www.adamturman.com. He has created this Bicycle Riding Devil Tat Patch exclusively for our Kickstarter Backers, plus we’ve added a signed, frame print of the same image at the $120 premium (see right)!

This Tat Patch was designed by The Pyro Painter, Michael Stewart. You can see more of his paintings at http://pyropainter2.see.me/atts2012. You can get a signed, framed canvas print of this image plus his exclusive Tat Patch in the $120 category (at right).

What’s so great about Tat Patches?

Easy to apply – there’s no ironing or sewing…a kid could do it. It’s the discovery of this unique dryer-activated adhesive that makes buying and applying a Tat Patch so accessible for anyone.

Comfortable – made from sweatshirt fabric, they’re more comfortable than material they cover.

Flexible – Sweatshirt material is a tremendously flexible fabric…perfect for knees, elbows and butts.

Practical – Holes suck…Tat Patches not only plug them, they keep you warm in the winter and they stop holes from getting any bigger.

Affordable – at $9 per patch, anyone can afford to be cool.

Made in the USA– See our FAQ, http://thetatpatch.com/info.htm.

How do Tat Patches Work?

Easy. There’s no ironing, no sewing…the adhesive is heat activated in your clothes dryer. See the application instructions below:

Pre-Wash your garment WITHOUT fabric softeners

Turn garment inside out – smooth the material

Peel off paper backing from Tat Patch (try not to touch the adhesive)

Place your Tat Patch FACE DOWN onto the garment, covering the hole

Rub or press with FIRM PRESSURE all around the edge of the patch

Tumble dry (HIGH HEAT) for 15 minutes (with nothing else in the dryer)

Remove from dryer and press with FIRM PRESSURE again to ensure a tight bond

Let your garment cool for about 30 minutes…then Be Cool!

Who wears Tat Patches?

Tat Patch targets today’s most fashion-conscious demographic; men and women, girls and boys 12-24. But just as important are mothers with kids under 12 (currently, mothers account for the vast majority of patch sales because their children wear through clothing faster than any other demographic). For all consumers, Tat Patch offers a chic and comfortable new accessory that puts traditional patches to shame.

Why Kickstarter?

We need to get the word out that distressed-jeans wearers have options. Our initial plan has four phases:

1. Advertise on Facebook, Instagram…anywhere on the web where fashion meets function!

2. Buy Adwords. Phrases such as “How to patch jeans” will send lots of hits to our site.

3. To stay on trend, Tat Patch will invite a wide variety of artists – graphic designers, fashion designers, tattoo artists, cartoonists, graffiti artists, etc. – to design for the Tat Patch “palette.” Our quarterly artist contests will push thousands of potential buyers to our website to vote on their favorite designs, and hopefully buy a patch or two while they’re at it.

4. Once we have an established clientele online, we intend to approach specialty retailers like Pac Sun, Zumiez and The Buckle (to name a few) to handle our line.