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BALLON: A Short Film #kickstarter


A ballerina caught in the cycle of partying and cocaine-fueled rehearsals must confront her addiction when she crumbles at an audition.


Ballon allows the audience a glimpse into Marin’s chaotic cycle of partying and professionalism, spanning a 24 hour period. Striving for perfection but caught in a self-destructive pattern of habits, she feels that her life can only operate in a heightened mode. When we meet Marin, cocaine is the center of her universe — the thing that gets her through all-day rehearsals and all-night benders. And it’s killing her. Marin uses the drug as a driving force through her day, until she reaches a breaking point during the audition of a lifetime. Marin’s ballet company is filled with young women who have admired Marin for years, so her embarrissing crash resonates with the group. Only Emily, a fresh-faced dancer new to this world, has the courage to confront Marin and offer her a lifeline. Marin must decide if she’s ready to be honest and look at what her life has become. Making a change will mean leaving behind the life — and the dream — that she knows.

In this heavily stylistic film, you’ll be swept into the emotional world of the dance floor, both in a nightclub and within a ballet company’s walls. The juxtaposition of the music and ambiance of the two spaces will visually stimulate the audience, and allow you to live in the moment with Marin.

Ballon will be entertaining, emotionally engaging, and a piece that sheds light on the dangers of demanding too much of oneself. Inspired by her own observations in the dance world, director Alexis O. Korycinski brought the idea to writer Julia Cox who immediately responded to the concept and penned the piece. Together, they bring you the journey of one broken woman’s path to self-examination. The creative and production team has backgrounds in film, theatre, and dance, and Ballon is a labor of love they are proud to share.

Did we mention there’s an underwater dance sequence?!

Relevé (Here’s Where You Come In)

Whether you are a dancer, dance enthusiast, or someone who’s eyes get a bit wider after seeing an eloquent dance, WE WANT YOU! We welcome each and every one of you to the Ballon Family with open arms! We are creating a community eager to make a change. A change for self-awareness. A change within the dance community. A change for young people demanding beyond their means.

Your support on this project will help us build Marin’s chaotic world.

Check out our Rewards section for our rad kickbacks!!


Private Instagram Access:

For $10 you will have access to the private Instagram where you will see photos from the cast and crew.


For $500 (only 20 available) you will receive a private headshot session (does not include hair and makeup) in Los Angeles with the director. This must be redeemed within one year, and you’ll need to provide your own travel to Los Angeles and accommodations once you’re here. Please see examples below.

Original artwork:

Thaddeus T. Chapman will paint original paintings inspired by Ballon for the $5000 and $10,000 Rewards. Please see examples of his work below.

Thaddeus T Chapman has been a professional painter based in Central New York since 2000. In 2012, he relocated to the Central Coast of California.

His paintings are created using gouache on rice paper—a technique that utilizes layers of the heavier, more opaque water-based paint on thin rice paper creating works with greater reflective qualities. “I use the techniques of abstract expressionism and apply them to my figurative work” says Thaddeus, who describes his style as figurative abstraction. Chapman utilizes reference photos of his subjects, which he uses to develop drawings. Although he considers himself a portrait painter, his works vary from landscapes to abstracts and nudes. For more examples please visit his website:http://thaddeustchapman.com

Where Will The Money Go?

Every penny will go directly towards Ballon! We’ve got some work to do! Your support will lend itself towards –

  • costumes
  • hair & makeup (we have to get Shelby to look like a druggie!)
  • set
  • location fees & permits (because we want to do good by LA)
  • top notch filming equipment
  • food for cast & crew (“Please, sir, can I have some more?” Of course you can because we have plenty of food thanks to our donors!)
  • underwater gear (oh yeah — here’s our underwater scene plug again)
  • editing
  • paying for all of the fantastic kickbacks you’ll be receiving shortly!
  • and…. taxes! We must do right by Kickstarter. They’re good people.




Max Adventure Kickstarter

Nemisian Guard


Max Adventure has had a bad day. He’s become lost in space, sucked into a black hole, and crash landed on a strange planet. Only two people know where he is: His lively sidekick Tug-Butt, and his feisty friend Phem. Together, they help their new friends, the Nemisians, fight against the evil Seth Cordall and the Goranian Army. Along they way they learn valuable life lessons while meeting strange and wonderful new people. And hope that one day, they can find a way home.

Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey children’s book #kickstarter

Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey

by Jason Oshman


Robot and Fox is the story of Roland and his epic journey with his buddy, Fox, as they search to find Roland’s ship and get him home.

Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey is a children’s book about a robot named Roland Botemus and his journey across the galaxy to find the perfect gift for his fiancée, Rosie. But, when Roland accidentally becomes separated from his ship on a distant planet, his mission plans change, and instead, he must scour the planet to find his ship and return home. Luckily for him, one of the planet’s furry inhabitants is ready and rarin’ to help!

Meanwhile, Rosie receives a distress signal from Roland’s lost ship. When she tries to contact Roland and doesn’t get a response, she decides to venture across the galaxy and rescue the one she loves. Little does she know, she’s going to have to face her own set of perils as she encounters dangerous space anomalies and cunning, crazy pirates!

Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey Book CoverRobot and Fox: The Amazing Journey Book Cover

My goal is to release Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey as an eBook and online. As a first-time self-publisher, this is the best way for me to make the book widely available for everyone to read quickly and inexpensively.

Robot and Fox will be available for purchase online to read on your tablet, e-reader, phone, or computer!Robot and Fox will be available for purchase online to read on your tablet, e-reader, phone, or computer!

The world of Robot and Fox is full of robots, snow whompuses, pirates and more! Click the picture of the whole crew below to find out more about all the characters Roland and Rosie come across in their journey!

Click the image above to see detailed character bios on the website!

The funds from this campaign will be going toward the costs of finishing the Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey eBook and getting it ready to release online.

These costs include the final editing and formatting of the manuscript, final touch-up and preparation of the cover and inside illustrations, and the legal costs associated with releasing the book (which includes purchasing the copyright, and ISBN numbers). The cost of all of these things would be covered by the $1500 raised and get the book ready for release.

I love the characters and world of the book, and there’s so much more I want to do with it! I’d be thrilled to raise the initial goal and release the book, but if we can raise more than that, there are more things I want to make the book even better!

If we can reach the $1500 goal, I have some other things planned for Robot and Fox and would love to do them!

My first goal beyond releasing the book would be to finish an animated trailer I’m working on to help promote and bring attention to the book. The trailer will be a 90-second, 2-D animated venture into the world of Robot and Fox. The goal would be to give potential readers a stunning and beautiful peek at the world of the story.

Trailer Preview

I’m currently working on animating and creating the backgrounds. There’s a long way to go, but here’s a few pictures of from the trailer in progress:


Roughing in and creating a series of mountain ranges to fly over.Roughing in and creating a series of mountain ranges to fly over.
Creating the inside of a volcano.Creating the inside of a volcano.
Roughing in a shot in the desert with a stand-in image of Roland.Roughing in a shot in the desert with a stand-in image of Roland.


Fox smiling up at Roland, waiting to be animated and colored!Fox smiling up at Roland, waiting to be animated and colored!
Animating in Toon Boom StudioAnimating in Toon Boom Studio
Going from storyboard to key pose drawing.Going from storyboard to key pose drawing.

I’m extremely excited to bring all these characters to life with animation, but my little laptop can’t handle the task. The shot featured above took a full day to render on its own. In order to finish the entire thing, I’m going to need a more powerful computer to handle the complex visuals featured in the trailer.

There are some shots in the trailer also require 3D set elements. I would like to use a tool that works with After Effects called Element 3D to incorporate these set pieces in After Effects. The software is relatively inexpensive at $150 USD.

Finishing the trailer on my own would also be a Herculean task. Much of this stretch goal would go toward getting some helping hands in the animation process with animating, inbetweening, coloring, and compositing.

With the right equipment, and the help of some friends, I would love to release the trailer side-by-side with the book at the end of July!

If the campaign reaches its initial goal of $3000 and reaches beyond that to this level, I will commission my friend Steve Blumenthal to create a Robot and Fox: The Amazing Journey soundtrack! I’ve worked with Steve on all of my short animated films, and I know he’ll be able to make something awesome! He will create 20 songs (one for each chapter), and I will release the soundtrack as a free download on iTunes! It will be free for anyone to download!

I would be so stoked to raise this much for the book! If the campaign goes beyond these other goals, funds raised above and beyond the $4000 mark will go toward a paperback version of the book. The process for this is expensive, and the book as it is now is not well-suited for print. Color illustrations are extremely expensive to have inside a book, so additional funds will go toward creating a new series of black-and-white pen and ink drawings for the book. Printed books also require more exact formatting and setup for print, and fund would go toward making these changes to the manuscript.

I’m hoping through a combination of the funds received from this Kickstarter campaign, and the early sales of the book, I can deliver a print version of the book in the near future!

If funding does reach this level, stay tuned for other stretch goals for other fun Robot and Fox ideas!


The Kickback: Debut Album ‘Sorry All Over The Place’ #kickstarter


The Kickback: Debut Album ‘Sorry All Over The Place’


After two EPs and a handful of singles, The Kickback is ready to record their debut album!

Sorry All Over The Place is a collection of songs about being terrified of dying, but even more scared of not living. But, you know. Really danceable.

Hi. I’m Billy. The Kickback started in my Criminal Justice book (the name was in a blurb about Enron. Believe it or not, things didn’t turn out so great for those guys) at the University of South Dakota and has since claimed my brother Danny, Washington D.C.-native Eamonn, and Mexico-born Jonny. All I’ve ever wanted to do is make an album of music I was proud to put into the world. All I’ve ever wanted to do is to make recordings that would define moments of your life. All I’ve ever wanted to do is to be your everything, all the time, and without precedent or competition. I want to make a record to make popes (multiple) weep, to make wingless animals fly, and make Michael Keaton notice us and decide to star in all of our music videos for the rest of our lives. And it’s time for us to try.

I can’t actually explain why this means so much to me the same way I can’t explain why “Walk Away Renee” by Left Banke reduced me to tears while riding in a van with my mom around age 7. I understood that after losing a girlfriend in the third grade, I should call the Sioux Falls, SD oldies station and request “Leader of the Pack” by the Shangri-Las and stay up until 10 p.m. (on a school night for God’s sakes) waiting to tape the song on my boombox. I understood that “December, 1963 (Oh What a Night)” by the Four Seasons was probably the greatest song ever written (my 10-year-old Christmas proclamation of 1996). Without music, my sorry life isn’t worth the skin it’s printed on (try shouting that at your wife in the middle of an argument about the volume of The Muppet Movie soundtrack in your apartment), and I want to make a record that will make someone feel the same. I want you to hear our record and feel hope/hopeless/doubtful/stupefied/rejected/rewarded/FULL OF EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER BEEN A FEELING. This seems to be the best way to make that happen.

It ruined Danny and me fairly early on.It ruined Danny and me fairly early on.

We’ve put recordings into the world. Ask a guy in this band how he feels about them.

Please don’t. It’s a touchy subject.

We’ve put out a couple EPs and a few singles, all with budgetary guns pressed so hard to our heads that the inevitable outcome sounded rushed, lifeless, and like the budgetary gun was used instead to shoot ourselves in the foot (to get the most mileage out of a useless metaphor). We’ve decided to do it right, despite how bloated the number may appear to you or how selfish and unnecessary a Kickstarter may seem when there are so many problems to fix in the world. This isn’t a humanitarian effort unless you count the mental health of four frustrated boys in Chicago. If you don’t think we won’t hate ourselves for every minute of this campaign, then boy you didn’t grow up Catholic or Jewish (we’ve got a healthy mix). But if it’s between continually putting out records we don’t believe in and putting out nothing at all, at this point we’re ready to defer to the latter. But just once, we want to do this right. Make a record as God intended.

But we don’t have a label or rich uncles. My desire to make music gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me from sleeping at night, but wishes and hopes make not a pope weep from the new Kickback record he just heard on his solid gold pope turntable. The pope only weeps if we can afford to do this.

After pooling our collective money, we find ourselves about 16k shy of our goal. Your contribution will help pay for the engineering, the production, the mastering, the PR (eye-roll, yeah, but we have to if we want people to hear it), the packaging, and the distribution of the record. Best case scenario: A label decides to put it out and people are able to hear it all over the world. Worst case scenario: we put it on the Internet and people are able to hear it all over the world. We want to ensure that start-to-finish, what you wind up hearing is the best thing we can offer.

Hey, it's Jim Eno!Hey, it’s Jim Eno!

When trying to bring the world to its knees with ecstasy (the emotion), it’s nice to have some help. When we found out that Jim Eno from Spoon (and a bunch of awesome records he’s produced and engineered) liked our demos and was into making our album, I went straight back to age 7 in the car with Mom. One of my heroes wants to help make our album. The one we’re trying to do right. Think of something you love. [Actually do this. Pause for a second, you speed-reading fiend] Now think of the person you think does it as well as it can possibly be done. [Again, give it a sec, Marion Jones] Now imagine them telling you they’d like to help you make something. There’s too many vague pronouns for that to make much sense, but sweet Mary Higgins Clark, maybe you can understand my excitement.

We hope some of the perks we’ve put together might motivate you to help us out, but frankly, you know it doesn’t really cover the cost of your contribution. Please know you’ll be giving life to something that we’ve been trying to achieve since I started putting songs into a Tascam Portastudio cassette recorder. This record isn’t just about us having a group of songs that we’re confident about or working with people that seem to get what we’re trying to do; those situations come and go. We want to make a record that does something to you. It makes you hate your in-laws or pity your life choices or love your neighbor or hug a landlord. If these things we’ve made can’t make you breathe heavy for a minute, we’ll have failed. And this means too much to us to fail.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for maybe contributing or at least not publicly calling us names. We can’t stop this music thing because it’s a sickness. It doesn’t relent and it doesn’t forgive, but it’s what gives us life. I hope you have something you love as much as we love this. It makes the world a better place. It makes life okay even when you’re openly begging for money. Let’s make some popes cry.


How @KinshipMarketin has marketed over 100 #Crowdfunding Projects!


Kinship Marketing has now marketed over 100 successfully funded Kickstarter projects that range from a few hundred dollars to over a hundred thousand. We are a company that is dedicated to helping the independent creator fund their dreams and I guarantee you won’t find our level of marketing anywhere else for anywhere near our prices.

Kinship Marketing has developed intense, specialized marketing campaigns that were created just for Kickstarter projects. We apply 75% of whatever you pay us to other paid advertising services that we manage daily. Ensuring your project receives the highest amount of targeted traffic as possible. In addition, your project will be seen on over 60 crowdfunding websites that we also market daily. Each of these websites receives anywhere from a few hundred visitors to over six thousands visitors a day. Kinship Marketing also uses several forums of social media to drive constant, targeted traffic to your project.

We charge $50 a week, or $200 a Kickstarter, for our services but we are happy to accommodate each customer for their specific needs. Kinship is run by a small group of marketing experts that started this type of marketing platform because of their desire to help the independent creator fund their goals. It is what drives us everyday to do whatever we can to ensure each Kickstarter project we market reaches its goal.


While we can not guarantee that your project will be funded, when using our services we can guarantee that 10s of thousands of people will see your Kickstarter. There is also another aspect of our marketing that no other marketing company or paid advertising service can offer.

– If your project doesn’t reach its funding goal we will market the re-launch of your Kickstarter for half price.

– If the re-launch isn’t successful we’ll market the third attempt for free. Meaning, we will pay for all of the costs involved. The reason we do this is because our marketing is highly effective and we have yet to have a project not be funded on the re-launch. So far, more than 95% of the Kickstarters we market are funded on the first project launch!

When you use Kinship Marketing, you’re not simply hiring a marketing company. You’re hiring a small team of marketing ninjas that fight everyday to ensure your funding goals are met. Please visit our website and fill out the forum at the bottom. We’ll respond within 24 hours and will begin working right away on making sure your Kickstarter goal is reached and surpassed.


One more thing- If you don’t have the money to market your Kickstarter please contact us anyway. We’re are happy to give free advice and help out however we can. Kinship also strongly believes in making the world a better place so if you’re working with a non-profit or charity please contact us for free marketing help. We will never charge a non-profit for marketing and it is a service we offer 100% for free because we feel it’s the right thing to do.

Please visit our site and fill out the simple forum at the bottom of the page

Thank you for your time and we look forward to getting your Kickstarter funded.



Snowboarding for the 99%- PHNX Boards #Kickstarter

A RETRO snowboard with a REVOLUTIONARY binding



Shred ANYWHERE with PHNX Boards!

Snowboarding is AWESOME, so why do it on only 1% of the available terrain? Why confine your boarding to resorts? How about a snowboard designed specifically for the 99% of snowy terrain behind your home, in the backyards, back hills, and back woods all over America? The 99% of unclaimed fresh and free snow just waiting for you!

Tommy G...aka AirPHorce 1Tommy G…aka AirPHorce 1

Sure, you can use your resort gear out back, but that stuff is too big, too heavy, and too cumbersome for easy, spontaneous boarding. Plus it costs a lot so you wouldn’t want to ruin it in the woods. Wouldn’t it be cool if there wasa tough but inexpensive board you could buy that doesn’t require any other equipment, no special boots, special bindings, strapping in and strapping out? A narrower and shorter board that you could shred smaller hills and woods with? A board you could just grab, hop on with any winter boots, hike up a hill with your friends, and start boarding with? With a binding that kept you attached but not bound, so you could stay in control and take jumps but walk off at the end of a run?

Introducing PHNX Boards, a snowboard designed specifically for the 99% of terrain beyond resorts and 100% of people who love to ride…as much as they can!

PHNX Boards are named after the ancient Phoenix, the mythical bird rising from the ashes of its predecessor. In this case the “ashes” are from the Snurfer, the original snowboard invented in Michigan in the 1960’s that developed into the modern sport of resort snowboarding. PHNX Boards combines the RETRO simplicity of Snurfing with a REVOLUTIONARYbinding/brake system, creating aRETRO-VOLUTIONARY snowboard.

Look how easy it is to ride a PHNX Board:

The super portable, patentedBoard-2-Ski Base ™ and the patent-pendingRip-Cord Binding/Brake System ™ hold you onto the board without special boots, but releases when you step off the board or if you fall, and stops the board from travelling on its own. Whether going straight, turning, or jumping, the PHNX Boards system keeps you on the board and in control.

Step on, start riding, and step off; what could be easier or more fun?

No other binding in the world lets you do this!

The secret to the binding/brake system is the rip-cord. By using a rider-activated cord, and channeling the energy from the front to the back of the board, we unleashed the power and control of the rider to activate the binding/brake. In addition, the systemonly needs to bind your rear foot; your front foot simply steps on the cord to lock your rear foot in. The force of your front foot pushing down is countered by the force of the rider pulling the cord, with the rear foot providing a stabilizing force. That’s how you stay on the board over jumps!

Also, since the system is spring-hinged, it snaps back when the cord is released. You are released from the binding, the brake is activated, and the board comes to a stop. How cool is that?

We believe PHNX Boards has the potential to spark a renaissance in backyard, backwoods boarding…and maybe some day within resorts. Our board is not designed to replace standard snowboards: it simply gives ALL riders a new, inexpensive, and fun way to take advantage of boarding wherever and whenever there is snow.

Why Kickstarter?

We are really excited to introduce our boards to the marketplace for the first time, and have chosen the Kickstarter community to do it.Kickstarters are creative, adventuresome people excited to discover new concepts and support entrepreneurs. With product development right up to December, and our second patent patent filed in January, we have been scrambling to launch our campaign. In order to reward early adopters in time to get our boards on the snow, we’ve made our campaign only 10 days longand are offering the boards at a tremendous discount –with FREE Continental U.S. shipping–. Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first to try our cool boards!

Kickstarter backers will help us recoup some of the many thousands of dollars spent so far in board prototyping, testing, engineering, web design, legal costs, and production of the first edition boards. Backers will also be funding the second edition boards and motivating us to further develop the concept, as our goal is to prepare for much wider distribution next winter. For this campaign, we have 12 original first edition boards ready to ship immediately after funding, 35 second edition boards that will ship soon after funding, and as manythird edition boards as may be needed to ship after those.

REWARDS (7 Rewards)

NOTE: All Rewards include Free Continental US shipping, ground service via USPS or UPS. Upgrades may be available on request, extra cost.

$245 REWARD: For $245 backers, we are offering a FIRST, LIMITED EDITION GENUINE PHNX Board, laminated and hand-crafted in the USA. These are the first boards created from our prototype board to be market-ready. There were only 15 boards created in this edition, and these boards will have serial numbers 1 to 12, assigned randomly following funding to the 12 backers who support this reward (we will video this selection and post as an update to assure fairness). Hey, if our business fails you will still have an awesome board, but if PHNX Boards succeeds the way we think it can, you could have a board worth thousands just because you were nice enough to back our project! These 12 boards will ship immediately upon funding. (clarification: the rewards list on the right cannot be edited after going live, but says the 1st edition is 12 boards. It is 15 boards, with the first 12 offered here, #13 offered on ebay, and #14 and #15 held by PHNX Boards)

$145 REWARD: For $145 backers, we are offering a SECOND EDITION genuine PHNX Board, also with randomly assigned serial numbers. These boards are in the laminating stage and will be completed soon after funding, hopefully in time for some late winter / early spring boarding (end of March, early April). These boards have all the same features, materials and finish as the first edition, just some slight design modifications (mostly some rounding of corners). We may get these done sooner, but we would rather be cautiously optimistic.

$125 REWARD: For $125 backers, we are offering a THIRD EDITION genuine PHNX Board; same specs as the second edition boards, but produced afterwards, shipping in April or May, latest. Also with serial numbers, sequentially assigned as backed. With free shipping costing us up to $25 for these over-sized packages, you are getting a PHNX Board for about $100. For the cost of a single nice dinner out, you could have years of snowboarding fun.

$75 REWARD: For $75 backers, we are offering a super versatile, super tough adventure backpack / laptop bag with embroidered logos and tons of features.

$45 REWARD: For $45 backers, we are offering a durable, zippered and padded PHNX Boards carry bag. NOTE: If you are backing a board, just add this amount and we’ll include the bag.

$22 REWARD: For $22 backers, we are offering our bold-print 100% cotton short sleeve T-shirt. (note, back of shirt has a smaller, one color version of the logo up by the neck):

$6 REWARD: For $6 backers, we are offering a 3-pack of cool PHNX Boards stickers:

There you have it! Lots ofcool PHNX Boards stuff and a really cool PHNX Board that will last for years without added costs to enjoy! Even if you miss the winter snow, you will have cool stuff and an awesome board ready to rip next winter, …or you will have done your holiday shopping early!

Finally, all backers can also feel good about the eco-spirit of PHNX Boards, using less energy to manufacture, renewable wood as a base, less energy travelling, less energy on lifts…and MORE of your energy enjoying the outdoors and getting healthy. With PHNX Boards you truly “Earn Your Turns!”

Our biggest hope is for adventuresome Kickstarter backers who just love to sled, ski and snowboard to Hop on Board and “Join the RETROVOLUTION”, and help us develop this new way to ride! We have priced these first boards to sell out fast, and we are creating a special Kickstarter section on our phnxboards.com website to feature the photos and videos of our supporters.

Thank you for supporting PHNX Boards!

PB, PHrosty, Steve, and Hugo!PB, PHrosty, Steve, and Hugo!

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

PHNX Boards have been snow-tested over two seasons in all sorts of snow conditions with all ages and weights of riders. The boards are patented, and patent-pending. The 12 first edition boards will be ready to ship, and the 35 second run boards are in production and expected to ship soon after funding. The third run boards will be ordered after funding. Unforeseen delays in production or shipping of the second (and third if funded) run base blanks could delay those boards. We will update backers as we go along.

Other risks are copyright and patent infringement. PHNX Boards Board-2-Ski shape US patent D649212S and Rip-Cord binding/Brake System patent pending. PHyrwood, PHyrclops, Retrovolutionary, Snowboarding for the 99%, Join the Retrovolution, logos, trademarks, and content, Copyright (c) 2013 PHNX Boards, division of Top Ten Promos, LLC, 74 Main Street, Suite 202, Maynard, MA 01754.


Credits: Adam Geiger for videos and phnxboards web development . Rex Provost and Martin Narciso for original video clips (see more at phnxboards.com). Stef Steltzer, Tommy G, Adam G, PB, PHrosty, and Hugo for video appearances. And, lots of other friends and family for supporting the kid who refuses to grow up. 🙂


The Big Meet- A #Film #Noir #Indiegogo- #crowdfunding #crowdsourcing #Independent #indie #creatorowned


The Big Meet: A Short Film

A film noir about a hard drinking screenwriter, a blonde, a brunette, and an ex-marine who all collide on one ill-fated night in Los Angeles.





“The weight of life is too heavy, that’s all. It’s always there but sometimes you ignore it because you’re used to carrying it.”

– Blake Bottoms, THE BIG MEET

THE BIG MEET is a tribute to stylish movies made popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s film noir crime genres. We are excited to share our entertaining vision with a wide audience.

So if you like your movies like your coffee, you came to the right place.

What’s the Story About?

A Los Angeles screenwriter with a drinking problem meets a mysterious stranger in a bar one night. The stranger instantly mistakes the writer for a long lost friend, generously paying for all their drinks on an all night binge. When he takes the writer home to meet his two beautiful young lady companions he refers to as “wives”, they seduce the writer into committing a hideous crime.

How did it come to this?

It all cracked open one night in Los Angeles, writer Lance Dean startled awake from a disturbing dream. A very very weird dream. So he drew a square from a stale pack of Marlboro Reds and poured three fingers of bourbon into a glass. Then he loaded the typewriter and squeezed the words off like rounds. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Buy Me a Drink Nate, I Promise I’ll Take You Home was the result. The story was published in Caffeine magazine, Los Angeles’ largest alternate literature magazine in the 1990s. Where a diverse cross generation of writers appeared including: Allen Ginsberg, Dave Alvin, and Charles Bukowski.Buy Me a Drink Nate was later published again in the magazine’s anthology Scream When You Burn released by Incommunicado Press in 2000.

Christian Elder shambled into a hole in the wall and met Dean at the end of a bar one afternoon. They burned cigarettes and talked about films and Tom Waits songs. And they drank, of course. This was the origin of the short film based on Dean’s story and later adapted into THE BIG MEET.

Inspired by Humphrey Bogart classics “In a Lonely Place” and “The Big Sleep”, THE BIG MEET is a dark and funny story – A film noir about a hard drinking screenwriter, a blonde, a brunette, and an ex-marine who all collide on one ill-fated night in Los Angeles.

Jessica Mathews (Producer), Christian Elder (Writer/Director), and Lane Carlson (Executive Producer) gathered the resources and assembled a dedicated team of professionals, taking the THE BIG MEET into production in November 2012. They filmed the movie in various locations throughout the City of Los Angeles.

Who We Are


Lane Carlson

Executive Producer/Lead Actor “Blake Bottoms”

Christian Elder


Jessica Mathews

Producer/Supporting Actor “Morgan”

Lance Dean


Hilary J. Wagner

Associate Producer

Mike Genovese (ER, Point Break)

Lead Actor “Nate Cavanaugh”

John Cothran Jr. (Boys in the Hood, Black Snake Moan)

Supporting Actor “Joey”

Rachel Middleton

Supporting Actor “Remy”

Matthew Skala (“Fashionista Daddy” Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest 2013)

Director of Photography

David Abbott

Key Make-Up Artist

Mark Bailey, Actor, Associate Producer

Robert R. Ryel, Actor

Christophe Ivins, Actor, Steadicam Operator

Laura Julian, Actor


Tatiana Kucharova (Miss World 2006), Actor

Why We Need Your Help

We need to handle our Post-Production costs and take THE BIG MEET “on the road” to Film Festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, South by Southwest, etc). Unfortunately our resources were exhausted delivering a high quality production, so now we require your financial support to get us there. You will receive some great film noir themed PERKS by helping us out.

We need to raise $15,000. The dollars you contribute will be used for the following:

  • Editing, Color Correction, Titles, and Graphics
  • Audio Mixing, Engineering, ADR, and Sound Foley
  • Music, Music Composing, Musicians, Rentals: Studio Rehearsal, and Recording Facilities
  • Film Festival Submission Fees, Publicity
  • HD-Cam and Blu-Ray Conversion, Rentals, Projection Room, Dolby (Sound), Master (for transfers)
  • SAG-AFTRA Payment
  • Movie Poster Reproductions
  • Duplications
  • Movie Screenings
  • + Pending Deferred Production Costs

If we exceed our goal, the better quality film we will be able to offer.

What Else You Can Do

Of all the Crowdfunding Internet sites in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine ….

Our Fim Noir Crowdfunding Campaign will ultimately be a success through word of mouth. Tell your friends and co-workers and do some social networking about this fun film. Use the buttons below and share us on Facebook and Twitter. Tweet or embed our campaign on your website or blog. And contact us at THE BIG MEET Website if you want to conduct an interview with one of our filmmakers to include on your blog.

Your promotional support is important. The more people that know about us the better!


You can win a chance to have star LANE CARLSON fly to your city and host a private screening of THE BIG MEET in you home!

3 BIG chances to “Buy Blake a Drink”

  1. Pledge as a contributor to the“Breathless” Perk and automatically win!

  2. Come to our Los Angeles Fundraiser Party/Mixer (Due to be Announced) and Pledge at our “Buy Blake a Drink” Auction.

  3. Pledge at any one of the following Perks – “The Third Man”, “The Maltese Falcon”, “The Lady from Shanghai”, “Strangers on a Train”, “In a Lonely Place”, “Out of the Past”, “The Big Sleep”, or “Double Indemnity” – And automatically be entered into a LOTTERY to select the 3rd Winner of the “BUY BLAKE A DRINK” prize!

This means you can Pledge only $50 and have a chance to win a 5K Perk – LANE CARLSON screening THE BIG MEET at your home!

*Update 1-18-2013


Lane Carlson

Actor / Model / Philanthropist. Lane Carlson began his career as successful model for such brands as Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren as well as numerous National commercials for Old Navy, Toyota, and Head and Shoulders. Lane is a Co-founder of a Non Profit organization based in New York, serving as Executive Director for 6 years, tying the world of Entertainment and Philanthropy. He also received the “Fashion Delivers Award” in 2010 for his positive influence on communities and environment. Most recently Lane made his acting premiere in the film “Another Stateside”, also serving as Associate Producer. He is the Executive Producer and star of THE BIG MEET. Lane is currently producing a Pilot for a web series in Czech Republic.

Jessica Mathews

Jessica Mathews is an Award Winning Producer and Co-Owner of Springfield Films. She has written, produced, and directed plays, television pilots, trailers, music videos, and commercials. Recent commercials have included spots for the Lakers and Toyota. Jessica completed the features “Vanished” (Producer), Director Larry Clark’s Award Winning “Marfa Girl” (UPM), the Award Winning “Holding Back” (Producer and UPM) and the feature “Triangle” (Producer and Line Producer). In addition, she recently completed six more Award Winning shorts: “Notes on Lying”, “Guitar Party Nightmare”, “Man vs. Survival”,”In Silence”, “The Proposition”, and “I Am Neda”. Other work includes “Funny Guitar”, “Art in the Afternoon”, “Autism and Cake” with Ed Asner, “Pull Down the Moon”, “Music to My Ears” (Top 25 in the L.A. 24-Hour Film Festival), and “Off They Go”. She has served on pitch panels and on the boards of various film festivals. Currently, she is working on the show “Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell” for the Food Network. www.springfieldfilms.com

Christian Elder

Christian Elder is a screenplay Finalist for Tribeca Film Festival’s TAA Connects in 2006. Born in New York, New York, and raised in Los Angeles, California, he was trained as a visual artist at the Rhode Island School of Design and Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy. A development intern for Adventuress Productions, he was later employed at Writers Boot Camp and studied with their writing program. Presently, he is the co-owner of Lee Garde Films and Creative Executive with Ceremonies LLC. A storyboard artist and former illustrator for Spike Lee’s advertising campaigns, he is a quarterfinalist for AMPAS’ 2012 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting for “The Priest & The Mercenary“. www.leegardefilms.com

Lance Dean

Lance Dean is a novelist and a screenwriter. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and has been employed as a musician, audio engineer, and music producer. He has worked with many rock and roll groups including the multi-platinum heavy metal band Megadeth. He is a quarterfinalist for AMPAS’ 2012 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting for “The Priest & The Mercenary“.

Hilary J. Wagner

Hilary J. Wagner is an actress turned producer. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas where she began her career in acting. She started with independent films, short films, and web series which eventually led to becoming a producer and production coordinator after discovering her love for being behind the scenes. Her love of film and production brought her to Los Angeles in 2012 where she immediately began getting involved in various productions including THE BIG MEET. She started her own production company, Cold Feet Entertainment, in the summer of 2012 and continues to work as a producer as well as pursue an acting career.