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BALLON: A Short Film #kickstarter


A ballerina caught in the cycle of partying and cocaine-fueled rehearsals must confront her addiction when she crumbles at an audition.


Ballon allows the audience a glimpse into Marin’s chaotic cycle of partying and professionalism, spanning a 24 hour period. Striving for perfection but caught in a self-destructive pattern of habits, she feels that her life can only operate in a heightened mode. When we meet Marin, cocaine is the center of her universe — the thing that gets her through all-day rehearsals and all-night benders. And it’s killing her. Marin uses the drug as a driving force through her day, until she reaches a breaking point during the audition of a lifetime. Marin’s ballet company is filled with young women who have admired Marin for years, so her embarrissing crash resonates with the group. Only Emily, a fresh-faced dancer new to this world, has the courage to confront Marin and offer her a lifeline. Marin must decide if she’s ready to be honest and look at what her life has become. Making a change will mean leaving behind the life — and the dream — that she knows.

In this heavily stylistic film, you’ll be swept into the emotional world of the dance floor, both in a nightclub and within a ballet company’s walls. The juxtaposition of the music and ambiance of the two spaces will visually stimulate the audience, and allow you to live in the moment with Marin.

Ballon will be entertaining, emotionally engaging, and a piece that sheds light on the dangers of demanding too much of oneself. Inspired by her own observations in the dance world, director Alexis O. Korycinski brought the idea to writer Julia Cox who immediately responded to the concept and penned the piece. Together, they bring you the journey of one broken woman’s path to self-examination. The creative and production team has backgrounds in film, theatre, and dance, and Ballon is a labor of love they are proud to share.

Did we mention there’s an underwater dance sequence?!

Relevé (Here’s Where You Come In)

Whether you are a dancer, dance enthusiast, or someone who’s eyes get a bit wider after seeing an eloquent dance, WE WANT YOU! We welcome each and every one of you to the Ballon Family with open arms! We are creating a community eager to make a change. A change for self-awareness. A change within the dance community. A change for young people demanding beyond their means.

Your support on this project will help us build Marin’s chaotic world.

Check out our Rewards section for our rad kickbacks!!


Private Instagram Access:

For $10 you will have access to the private Instagram where you will see photos from the cast and crew.


For $500 (only 20 available) you will receive a private headshot session (does not include hair and makeup) in Los Angeles with the director. This must be redeemed within one year, and you’ll need to provide your own travel to Los Angeles and accommodations once you’re here. Please see examples below.

Original artwork:

Thaddeus T. Chapman will paint original paintings inspired by Ballon for the $5000 and $10,000 Rewards. Please see examples of his work below.

Thaddeus T Chapman has been a professional painter based in Central New York since 2000. In 2012, he relocated to the Central Coast of California.

His paintings are created using gouache on rice paper—a technique that utilizes layers of the heavier, more opaque water-based paint on thin rice paper creating works with greater reflective qualities. “I use the techniques of abstract expressionism and apply them to my figurative work” says Thaddeus, who describes his style as figurative abstraction. Chapman utilizes reference photos of his subjects, which he uses to develop drawings. Although he considers himself a portrait painter, his works vary from landscapes to abstracts and nudes. For more examples please visit his website:http://thaddeustchapman.com

Where Will The Money Go?

Every penny will go directly towards Ballon! We’ve got some work to do! Your support will lend itself towards –

  • costumes
  • hair & makeup (we have to get Shelby to look like a druggie!)
  • set
  • location fees & permits (because we want to do good by LA)
  • top notch filming equipment
  • food for cast & crew (“Please, sir, can I have some more?” Of course you can because we have plenty of food thanks to our donors!)
  • underwater gear (oh yeah — here’s our underwater scene plug again)
  • editing
  • paying for all of the fantastic kickbacks you’ll be receiving shortly!
  • and…. taxes! We must do right by Kickstarter. They’re good people.




The Big Meet- A #Film #Noir #Indiegogo- #crowdfunding #crowdsourcing #Independent #indie #creatorowned


The Big Meet: A Short Film

A film noir about a hard drinking screenwriter, a blonde, a brunette, and an ex-marine who all collide on one ill-fated night in Los Angeles.





“The weight of life is too heavy, that’s all. It’s always there but sometimes you ignore it because you’re used to carrying it.”

– Blake Bottoms, THE BIG MEET

THE BIG MEET is a tribute to stylish movies made popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s film noir crime genres. We are excited to share our entertaining vision with a wide audience.

So if you like your movies like your coffee, you came to the right place.

What’s the Story About?

A Los Angeles screenwriter with a drinking problem meets a mysterious stranger in a bar one night. The stranger instantly mistakes the writer for a long lost friend, generously paying for all their drinks on an all night binge. When he takes the writer home to meet his two beautiful young lady companions he refers to as “wives”, they seduce the writer into committing a hideous crime.

How did it come to this?

It all cracked open one night in Los Angeles, writer Lance Dean startled awake from a disturbing dream. A very very weird dream. So he drew a square from a stale pack of Marlboro Reds and poured three fingers of bourbon into a glass. Then he loaded the typewriter and squeezed the words off like rounds. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Buy Me a Drink Nate, I Promise I’ll Take You Home was the result. The story was published in Caffeine magazine, Los Angeles’ largest alternate literature magazine in the 1990s. Where a diverse cross generation of writers appeared including: Allen Ginsberg, Dave Alvin, and Charles Bukowski.Buy Me a Drink Nate was later published again in the magazine’s anthology Scream When You Burn released by Incommunicado Press in 2000.

Christian Elder shambled into a hole in the wall and met Dean at the end of a bar one afternoon. They burned cigarettes and talked about films and Tom Waits songs. And they drank, of course. This was the origin of the short film based on Dean’s story and later adapted into THE BIG MEET.

Inspired by Humphrey Bogart classics “In a Lonely Place” and “The Big Sleep”, THE BIG MEET is a dark and funny story – A film noir about a hard drinking screenwriter, a blonde, a brunette, and an ex-marine who all collide on one ill-fated night in Los Angeles.

Jessica Mathews (Producer), Christian Elder (Writer/Director), and Lane Carlson (Executive Producer) gathered the resources and assembled a dedicated team of professionals, taking the THE BIG MEET into production in November 2012. They filmed the movie in various locations throughout the City of Los Angeles.

Who We Are


Lane Carlson

Executive Producer/Lead Actor “Blake Bottoms”

Christian Elder


Jessica Mathews

Producer/Supporting Actor “Morgan”

Lance Dean


Hilary J. Wagner

Associate Producer

Mike Genovese (ER, Point Break)

Lead Actor “Nate Cavanaugh”

John Cothran Jr. (Boys in the Hood, Black Snake Moan)

Supporting Actor “Joey”

Rachel Middleton

Supporting Actor “Remy”

Matthew Skala (“Fashionista Daddy” Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest 2013)

Director of Photography

David Abbott

Key Make-Up Artist

Mark Bailey, Actor, Associate Producer

Robert R. Ryel, Actor

Christophe Ivins, Actor, Steadicam Operator

Laura Julian, Actor


Tatiana Kucharova (Miss World 2006), Actor

Why We Need Your Help

We need to handle our Post-Production costs and take THE BIG MEET “on the road” to Film Festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, South by Southwest, etc). Unfortunately our resources were exhausted delivering a high quality production, so now we require your financial support to get us there. You will receive some great film noir themed PERKS by helping us out.

We need to raise $15,000. The dollars you contribute will be used for the following:

  • Editing, Color Correction, Titles, and Graphics
  • Audio Mixing, Engineering, ADR, and Sound Foley
  • Music, Music Composing, Musicians, Rentals: Studio Rehearsal, and Recording Facilities
  • Film Festival Submission Fees, Publicity
  • HD-Cam and Blu-Ray Conversion, Rentals, Projection Room, Dolby (Sound), Master (for transfers)
  • SAG-AFTRA Payment
  • Movie Poster Reproductions
  • Duplications
  • Movie Screenings
  • + Pending Deferred Production Costs

If we exceed our goal, the better quality film we will be able to offer.

What Else You Can Do

Of all the Crowdfunding Internet sites in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine ….

Our Fim Noir Crowdfunding Campaign will ultimately be a success through word of mouth. Tell your friends and co-workers and do some social networking about this fun film. Use the buttons below and share us on Facebook and Twitter. Tweet or embed our campaign on your website or blog. And contact us at THE BIG MEET Website if you want to conduct an interview with one of our filmmakers to include on your blog.

Your promotional support is important. The more people that know about us the better!


You can win a chance to have star LANE CARLSON fly to your city and host a private screening of THE BIG MEET in you home!

3 BIG chances to “Buy Blake a Drink”

  1. Pledge as a contributor to the“Breathless” Perk and automatically win!

  2. Come to our Los Angeles Fundraiser Party/Mixer (Due to be Announced) and Pledge at our “Buy Blake a Drink” Auction.

  3. Pledge at any one of the following Perks – “The Third Man”, “The Maltese Falcon”, “The Lady from Shanghai”, “Strangers on a Train”, “In a Lonely Place”, “Out of the Past”, “The Big Sleep”, or “Double Indemnity” – And automatically be entered into a LOTTERY to select the 3rd Winner of the “BUY BLAKE A DRINK” prize!

This means you can Pledge only $50 and have a chance to win a 5K Perk – LANE CARLSON screening THE BIG MEET at your home!

*Update 1-18-2013


Lane Carlson

Actor / Model / Philanthropist. Lane Carlson began his career as successful model for such brands as Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren as well as numerous National commercials for Old Navy, Toyota, and Head and Shoulders. Lane is a Co-founder of a Non Profit organization based in New York, serving as Executive Director for 6 years, tying the world of Entertainment and Philanthropy. He also received the “Fashion Delivers Award” in 2010 for his positive influence on communities and environment. Most recently Lane made his acting premiere in the film “Another Stateside”, also serving as Associate Producer. He is the Executive Producer and star of THE BIG MEET. Lane is currently producing a Pilot for a web series in Czech Republic.

Jessica Mathews

Jessica Mathews is an Award Winning Producer and Co-Owner of Springfield Films. She has written, produced, and directed plays, television pilots, trailers, music videos, and commercials. Recent commercials have included spots for the Lakers and Toyota. Jessica completed the features “Vanished” (Producer), Director Larry Clark’s Award Winning “Marfa Girl” (UPM), the Award Winning “Holding Back” (Producer and UPM) and the feature “Triangle” (Producer and Line Producer). In addition, she recently completed six more Award Winning shorts: “Notes on Lying”, “Guitar Party Nightmare”, “Man vs. Survival”,”In Silence”, “The Proposition”, and “I Am Neda”. Other work includes “Funny Guitar”, “Art in the Afternoon”, “Autism and Cake” with Ed Asner, “Pull Down the Moon”, “Music to My Ears” (Top 25 in the L.A. 24-Hour Film Festival), and “Off They Go”. She has served on pitch panels and on the boards of various film festivals. Currently, she is working on the show “Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell” for the Food Network. www.springfieldfilms.com

Christian Elder

Christian Elder is a screenplay Finalist for Tribeca Film Festival’s TAA Connects in 2006. Born in New York, New York, and raised in Los Angeles, California, he was trained as a visual artist at the Rhode Island School of Design and Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy. A development intern for Adventuress Productions, he was later employed at Writers Boot Camp and studied with their writing program. Presently, he is the co-owner of Lee Garde Films and Creative Executive with Ceremonies LLC. A storyboard artist and former illustrator for Spike Lee’s advertising campaigns, he is a quarterfinalist for AMPAS’ 2012 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting for “The Priest & The Mercenary“. www.leegardefilms.com

Lance Dean

Lance Dean is a novelist and a screenwriter. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and has been employed as a musician, audio engineer, and music producer. He has worked with many rock and roll groups including the multi-platinum heavy metal band Megadeth. He is a quarterfinalist for AMPAS’ 2012 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting for “The Priest & The Mercenary“.

Hilary J. Wagner

Hilary J. Wagner is an actress turned producer. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas where she began her career in acting. She started with independent films, short films, and web series which eventually led to becoming a producer and production coordinator after discovering her love for being behind the scenes. Her love of film and production brought her to Los Angeles in 2012 where she immediately began getting involved in various productions including THE BIG MEET. She started her own production company, Cold Feet Entertainment, in the summer of 2012 and continues to work as a producer as well as pursue an acting career.